Dampak Game Online Terhadap Hasil Belajar Matematika Anakanak Di Dusun Jaten


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Impact, Online Game, Mathematics Learning Outcomes


Abstract: This study aims to determine the impact of online games on children's
mathematics learning outcomes in the hamlet of Jaten. The approach used is a mixed
research approach (mixed methods) which is a combination of qualitative and quantitative
research methods. The research subjects were elementary school students at SDN Pelem 3
who actively played online games, consisting of 7 grade VI students and 3 grade 5 students
in Dusun Jaten. The data collection method was obtained from observation,
documentation, and questionnaires. The results of the data analysis concluded that: The
results showed that online games had no impact on the mathematics learning outcomes of
children in the hamlet of Jaten, because the value of their learning outcomes was taken
from the average child who often played online games and who did not often play online
games. still above the KBM average. Children who often play online games get an average
score of 79 and those who don't often play online games get a score of 84. It's just that the
value of children's mathematics learning outcomes in the hamlet of Jaten is higher for
children who don't often play online games.