Analisis Pemecahan Masalah Penggunaan Whatsapp Sebagai Pendukung Pembelajaran Kelas Vi Sdn 1 Sugihwaras


  • Gayuh Artha Jaluai
  • Tika Dedy Prastyo
  • Nurhayati Nurhayati

Kata Kunci:

Whatsapp usage, signal, wifi, and students


ABSTRACT: This study aims to determine: (1) To find out what can be done using
Whatsapp, (2) To find out what obstacles students get in using Whatsapp as a learning
medium, (3) To obtain a solution that can minimize the problems that occur when using
Whatsapp as a learning medium.The object of this research is how Whatsapp is used as a
learning medium. The data collection techniques used are observation, interviews. The
data analysis used in this research is data collection, data reduction, data presentation,
and drawing conclusions.The results of data analysis concluded that the use of Whatsapp
is currently used for needs in carrying out tasks at home which as teachers cannot provide
direct direction, in its use it is used for homework in the form of videos and photos. In the
process, students are often constrained by a signal that is not good or even bad which
requires students to look for a signal or ride wifi on a neighbor who has wifi so that
assignments can be sent on time