Analisis Penggunaan Google Form Sebagai Media Pengumpulan Tugas Siswa Kelas Xi Multimedia 2 Smkn 1 Pacitan


  • Bayu Pramono
  • Tika Dedy Prastyo
  • Wira Dimuksa

Kata Kunci:

Analytics, Google Forms, Media


Abstract: This study aims to determine the obstacles to using Google Form as a medium
for collecting assignments for Class XI students of SMK Negeri 1 Pacitan. This research
is research that uses a descriptive qualitative method with the research subjects of students
and students of class XI Multimedia 2 at SMK Negeri 1 Pacitan. The research used
questionnaires and interview techniques, interviews with class teachers directly, then the
creation of WhatsApp grubs as a medium of coordination between students and
researchers. Researchers direct students to join the Google Form link that was previously
provided, data collection through student participation when filling out the questionnaire
on the Google Form. Based on the results of the study, it showed that the results of the
response to collecting student assignments using Google Form obtained data with the
average number of students answering very agreeing by 43.1%, agreeing by 39.4%,
disagreeing by 10.6%, and strongly disagreeing by 6.9%. There are obstacles in the
implementation of collecting assignments using Google Form as a medium for collecting
assignments. There are several influencing factors; external factors such as network
constraints, not having a data package, internal factors, namely from the nature of the
students themselves who are lazy to do assignments