Jurnal Penelitian Pendidikan (The Journal of Educational Research) -JPP, is a scientific section of the LPPM STKIP PGRI Pacitan. This journal is media for strenghtening communication, research and development of educational sciences. First edition was published in 2009 with P-ISSN 2085-0581. The number of articles in each issue is 8 articles. Articles are the work of scientists and researchers from various field of education. Furthermore, in 2015, the journal got the E-ISSN: 2477-5851. In 2017, the journal made collaboration with the Association of Experts and Lecturers of the Republic of Indonesia, State University of Surabaya, Tun Hussein onn University Malaysia (UTHM), Japan JSPS Core to Core Program. In addition, the journal also broaden its connection with LPPM throughout the Madiun Residency. In 2020, JPP used a new logo and cover as shown on the website. This journal exists until now to accept and publish scientific articles in the field of education.