Materials eligible for publication:

  1. Scientific writing, which is original and contributes to theory or application in the field of Education.
  2. Criticism or analysis of papers or books published in the field of Education.
  3. Scientific articles from Documentary Reports of scientific or professional conferences, symposia, workshops, etc. in Education.


Terms of publication:

  1. The paper must have a sound methodology and must be written in a fluent language.
  2. The paper should not have been published or submitted for publication in another journal.
  3. The researcher must implement all the remarks recommended by the referees, and must submit a report to the Board of Editors, containing all his / her responses to such remarks.



  1. All published papers in this journal are reviewed by professional referees in the specific fields of those papers.
  2. The Editorial Board accepts the paper for publication depending on the recommendations of two referees.
  3. If the author(s) is (are) from STKIP PGRI Pacitan, all two referees are chosen from outside the university.


Submission procedures:

  1. The researcher submits his/her paper to the Journal Editor, along with a statement confirming that the paper was neither published nor submitted for publication in any other journal.
  2. The submitted paper must be written in Microsoft Word format and be submitted electronically via the JPP website.
  3. The paper must include 3 - 5 keywords in English and in Arabic, plus an abstract in Indonesian and English, each of which should not exceed 150 words.
  4. Along with the paper, the author submits a separate page containing (in Indonesian and English) his/her name, academic title, affiliation, the complete address, the telephone number(s) as well as the title of the paper.
  5. Tables and diagrams in the text should independently be numbered, and those in the appendix should have a separate numbering. In all cases, the table or diagram must have a title on top and a source at the bottom.
  6. The used font size and type are 11 Constantia, In all cases line spacing is Single.
  7. The Editorial Board performs a preliminary screening to determine the eligibility of the submitted paper, and the author is informed about the results within 14 days.
  8. The author of an eligible paper receives a form to be completed and signed, concerning the publication property rights of his/her paper.
  9. Republishing the published papers should not be done without a written permission from the Journal Editor.
  10. Opinions in the published papers express the views of their authors not the Journal's.


Reference List:

Reference consists of at least 20 sources in the last 10 years of publication (except historical material as classic sources). References must contain 80% of the main sources, namely scientific journal articles. Sources taken from the internet must be from trusted sources, not allowed to take references from blogs, Word Press, and Wikipedia. It is highly recommended to use reference applications such as Mendeley and Zotero. Writing the bibliography refers to the APA Style 7th .