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This study aims to determine the emotional character of Go Moon Young, who is the main character in the
drama "It's okay to not be okay". This drama tells about a person named Go Moon Young, a character who
has an antisocial personality disorder and has a dark past that makes Go Moon Young have a bad temper
and don't care about other people. Abandoned by his parents when he was young, Go Moon Young lived
alone into adulthood and managed to become a famous children's story book writer. In this study,
qualitative methods were used, statistical methods and other calculations did not give results, and the
researcher tried to understand the meaning of the events of the interaction of human behavior in certain
situations, and interpret your point of view. The result is a very emotional influence on the social
environment such as being shunned by the surrounding community, less sensitive to others, hurting
yourself and always feeling lonely.


Drama Emotional Mental Health

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Permatasari, N. I. ., Fatihayah, D., Kristyowati, D. ., & Resmayasari, I. (2022). EMOTIONAL ANALYSIS OF GO MOON YOUNG CHARACTERS IN THE DRAMA “IT’S OK TO NOT BE OKE”. The Journal Of English Teaching For Young And Adult Learners, 1(2), 74–78.