Authors should receive acknowledgment of proof of their articles after one week of submission. The editorial team checks all submitted manuscripts before sending them to the peer-review process. It is suitable for the review process; it will be sent to two reviewers. They will check the entire article, including originality, methodology, significance, etc. The review process will take about one month. The editors evaluate the peer reviews’ comments and recommendations. The manuscript may be:

  • Accepted for publication as it is,
  • Accepted for publication with minor changes,
  • Accepted for publication after major revision and additional review.

It usually takes 1-2 months from submission to publication.


All manuscripts submitted for publication at JEEYAL are first reviewed by the journal's editorial team to determine if they fit the scope and objectives of the journal and to identify potential plagiarism practices. At this stage, the editor checks whether the methodology and data analysis have significant weaknesses and whether the language and presentation conform to peer review standards.

Feedback may be returned for resubmission or rejected without review if the topic falls outside the purpose and scope of the journal, the work lacks originality, or there are significant presentation, research, or argumentation problems. Manuscripts deemed suitable are sent to external reviewers for the review process. A manuscript that passes the preliminary evaluation is sent to two external reviewers from the same field as the author(s).

Editorial Decision

Based on the reviewer's recommendations, the editorial team makes the final decision on the manuscript's acceptance, rejection, and revision. If a manuscript is returned after revision, a final decision will be made on the author's changes based on the reviewer's suggestions and criticisms.

Author Revision

Once the manuscript is accepted with any changes, the authors will be notified of any corrections that need to be made to improve quality and will have a deadline to make the corrections and send the editor a corrected version.

Revised manuscripts are sent to the same reviewers who will review them for the second cycle. In this case, the evaluator can make additional comments and thus request a new evaluation. Journals generally do not allow more than two rounds of major revisions.

Notification of the final decision

A letter to the author announcing the journal's final acceptance will also indicate which issue the article will be published in and when the author will receive a proof.

The final decision to reject the manuscript is final.

The journal does not return rejected manuscripts.