Commitment to ethical publication applies to all parties involved in the publication process of the Edumatic journal, including authors, editors, peer-reviewers, and publishers.


A. Publication and Writing

  1. All manuscripts submitted through the blind peer-review process involve at least two reviewers with expertise in the relevant field.
  2. The peer-review process evaluates the significance and contribution of the manuscript in the field of education, especially in mathematics education, as well as its originality and relevance.
  3. Possible decisions regarding the manuscript include acceptance, acceptance with revisions, or rejection.
  4. If authors are asked to revise and resubmit the manuscript, there is no guarantee of automatic acceptance upon resubmission.
  5. Rejected manuscripts will not undergo further review processes.
  6. Submitted manuscripts are subject to legal requirements, including those related to defamation, copyright infringement, and plagiarism.
  7. A manuscript cannot be published in more than one publication.
  8. Edumatic Journal ensures academic freedom for editors and peer-reviewers in carrying out their responsibilities.
  9. Edumatic Journal is responsible for maintaining confidentiality, protecting intellectual property, and respecting copyright.


B. Author's Responsibilities

  1. Authors are responsible for submitting their work honestly, ensuring it is free from plagiarism and data manipulation.
  2. Authors must confirm that the submitted manuscript has not been previously published or is under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  3. Authors must accurately cite and reference the opinions and works of others.
  4. If errors are found in the published manuscript, authors are obligated to promptly inform the editor.
  5. Authors are required to follow the applicable peer-review process.
  6. Authors must disclose any conflicts of interest related to the published manuscript to the editor.
  7. Authors must agree to editorial modifications that do not alter the core and substance of the manuscript.


C. Editor's Responsibilities

  1. The suitability of manuscripts for publication is determined by the editorial team during editorial board meetings.
  2. The editorial team is responsible for the content and overall quality of the publication.
  3. The editorial team cannot change decisions without valid and substantial reasons, including decisions made by previous editors.
  4. The editorial team ensures the confidentiality of reviewer identities.
  5. Manuscripts accepted by the editorial team are based on originality, clarity, and relevance to the journal's publication scope.
  6. The editorial team ensures that manuscripts adhere to internationally accepted publication ethics.
  7. All submitted manuscripts are treated fairly by the editorial team.
  8. The editorial team has the right to take legal action if a manuscript is found to violate publication ethics.
  9. The editorial team does not discriminate based on race, gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality, or political ideology of the authors during the review and publication decision-making process.
  10. Information related to submitted manuscripts is kept confidential by the editorial team.
  11. Unpublished manuscripts will be returned to the authors by the editorial team.


D. Reviewer's Responsibilities

  1. Reviewers are required to maintain the confidentiality of information related to the manuscripts they review.
  2. Reviewers must respect the intellectual freedom and independence of the authors.
  3. Reviewers must provide input, suggestions, and comments on each manuscript with objectivity and fairness.
  4. Reviewers have the freedom to clearly state their opinions and support them with relevant arguments.
  5. Reviewers have the right to report to the editor-in-chief any similarities they find between the reviewed manuscript and other works.
  6. Reviewers are not allowed to review manuscripts if they have conflicts of interest due to special relationships with the authors, institutions, or companies associated with the authors.