Journal Edumatic is an online journal published by the Department of Mathematics Education, STKIP PGRI Pacitan. All manuscripts that have been submitted will follow the peer-review process as follows:

  1. Manuscripts are submitted via the Open Journal System (OJS) at
  2. The editor-in-chief will receive the manuscript and then distribute it to the editor. The editor will check whether the manuscript complies with the template, focus and scope, as well as the methods used, and carry out a plagiarism check. If appropriate, the editor will send the manuscript to the reviewers. If it is not appropriate, the manuscript will be returned to the author.
  3. Manuscripts that have been submitted will go through a peer-review process without the author's name by at least two reviewers who have expertise in the relevant field. This peer review is a process to assess the extent of the urgency and contribution of the manuscript to the progress of the world of education, especially mathematics education. Apart from that, the originality and relevance of the contents of the manuscript will also be considered. Comments from reviewers will be sent to the author via the OJS system or directly on the manuscript.
  4. The editor will notify the reviewer's comments to the author no later than 1 month after the reviewer provides comments. The editor will also notify the author via email.
  5. Authors are given the opportunity to improve the manuscript or provide responses regarding comments from reviewers no later than 2 weeks after the manuscript is received by the author.
  6. The final decision regarding acceptance of the manuscript is determined by the editor based on comments from the reviewers.
  7. Plagiarism detection is carried out using the Turnitin and Grammarly applications.
  8. All published articles are open to be accessed by the public (open-access).
  9. We are committed to maintaining the quality of Edumatic journals.