1. The journal Edumatic accepts articles presenting research results in the field of Mathematics Education. Manuscripts must be prepared using the provided template.
  2. Manuscripts are submitted through the Open Journal System (OJS).
  3. Submitted manuscripts must be original works, not previously published, and have a maximum similarity percentage of 30%.
  4. All authors must be listed in the "authors" section during the article submission process in OJS, providing full names and affiliations.
  5. Articles must be written in English and organized into various sections with appropriate titles.
  6. The structure of a research article includes: article title, author names, institution/affiliation, email address, abstract, keywords, introduction, research method, results and discussion, conclusion, and bibliography.
  7. Article titles should be brief, not exceeding 14 words, centered, using bold Constantia font size 14, with the initial letter of each word capitalized.
  8. Author names, without academic titles, should be written in bold Constantia font size 12. If there are multiple authors, the editor will primarily communicate with the first-listed author.
  9. Abstracts, written in English and Indonesian, should be 150-250 words, single-spaced, using Constantia font size 11pt. The abstract should briefly present the research objectives, methods, and results in one paragraph.
  10. Keywords, written in English, should consist of 3-5 words separated by commas and alphabetically ordered. Abstracts and keywords must be provided in English during submission via OJS.
  11. The introduction should state the research problem, previous studies, research novelty, and research objectives, presented in paragraph form without subtitles.
  12. The methods section should include the research design, procedures, data sources, instruments, data collection techniques, and data analysis methods.
  13. Research results should be fully explained by the authors.
  14. The discussion should provide in-depth analysis of the research results, their implications, and their relevance to relevant theories or previous studies, highlighting the novelty of the findings.
  15. The conclusion should summarize the research findings as answers to the research questions, presented in paragraph form without numbering or bullet points.
  16. Acknowledgments are given to individuals or organizations that made significant contributions to the research, whether in funding or assistance.
  17. The bibliography should include at least 10 sources published in the last 10 years, with at least 80% being journal articles (national or international). Two references must be cited from the Edumatic journal. Authors must include all references used in OJS.
  18. Citations and bibliography should follow the American Psychological Association (APA) style, and using Mendeley is recommended.
  19. Manuscripts will be reviewed by editors according to their expertise. Authors have the opportunity to revise the manuscript based on editor recommendations. The final decision on acceptance or rejection will be communicated through OJS.
  20. Authors are responsible for licensing or legal issues related to citations or the use of computer software for manuscript preparation.
  21. Authors of published articles will incur publication fees.
  22. Accepted articles will be published online in the Open Journal System (OJS) at https://ejournal.stkippacitan.ac.id/ojs3/index.php/edumatic/submission/wizard, e-ISSN 2723-8210.