• Muhammad Miftahul Jannah UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta


The life of Alan Turing was so inspiring. By all the oppression he got, he still kept going on to draw his dream. He was dreaming of breaking the nazi’s code to stop the world war II. His homosexuality and his introvert brought him to a complicated situation. The death of his friend christopher, he loved so much, brought him in sadness, and his individual character obstruct his ambition because he was discriminated by his surrounding. finally, he succeed to break the code and stop the world war II. However, Alan Turing got injustice in the end of his life. Alan is the real hero in England because he won the world war II. Unfortunately, England’s society do not know the real hero in their country because the government hide it. Alan underwent neurotic and realistic anxieties. Alan used defense mechanisms to cope his anxiety. This research applies psychoanalysis theory especially theory anxiety and defense mechanism by Sigmund Freud. Besides, the researcher uses the film theory to make readers more understand. This research explains about the forms, the factors on Alan Turing’s anxiety and the kinds of defense mechanisms Alan underwent in The Imitation Game movie. The method of this research is descriptive qualitative by conducting library research. As a result, Alan used some defense mechanism to cope his anxiety. Unfortunately, he could not keep his sickness anymore because of hormonal therapy. Then, he commited to suicide.


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