• Afid Burhanuddin STKIP PGRI Pacitan


Making a decision is one of the roles that should be owned by every leader. This study discusses about the leadership pace of obligatory rural social internships for university students (KKN). The leadership here is meant to decision-making model of each group of KKN participants. This study aimed at uncovering decision-making models at Posdaya Thematic based-KKN STKIP PGRI Pacitan. Besides, it also aimed at revealing the disadvantages and advantages of each model possessed by each group. For this research, the descriptive qualitative design was used to explore the subsurface of the problem. The subject was the students participating in the 26th Posdaya thematic based-KKN, that are, group 11 and group 12 STKIP PGRI Pacitan. Furthermore, the data collection techniques are through interview, observation and documentation. Moreover, the technique of analysis was descriptive qualitative data analysis model of Miles and Huberman covering data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion as well as verification of data. The research findings showed that: (1) models of decision-making of group of 11 was based on the most powerful consideration. Meanwhile, the model of decision-making of group 12 was based on the aspect of significance; (2) the decision-making model has both advantages and disadvantages simultaneously. However, the existing weaknesses in the alternative based decision-making model can be covered by the advantage of the significance based decision making model ; and vice versa so that both can complement each other.

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Afid Burhanuddin, STKIP PGRI Pacitan

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